As the popularity and clinical efficacy of CBD continues to grow and be proven, so too does the CBD market continue to expand. There are now several options out there for all consumers with a broad range in quality, style, and benefits. One size does not fit all.

It is with this in mind, that we at Formula 787 wanted to provide some guidelines for consumers to look out for when making a CBD purchase. The label may say “CBD”, but there is much more for shoppers to be aware of.

Is It Natural?
Let’s start with the basics. Just because a product looks good and contains cannabidiol, doesn’t mean it’s great for you. There are a number of CBD companies that cut corners on the quality of their product to make more money and produce a larger yield. This is done through a number of cost-saving measures such as the overbearing usage of pesticides and GMOs. Additionally, much of their cultivation and production occurs inside factories and warehouses, not in the sun and earth where natural hemp comes from.

Look for a CBD company that promotes the natural cultivation of their products, spending as little time as possible inside factories and warehouses. Additionally, seek out brands that promote growth and farming the right way, utilizing minimal amounts of pesticides and other propagation practices.

If you’re new to the world of CBD, you might need to learn more about dosage. Levels vary from person to person, including both size, age, and tolerance. Tinctures offer a good dosage ability, allowing for ingestion through droplets.

If CBD is new to you, we suggest starting small and monitoring its effects. As you become better accustomed to your body’s reaction to CBD, you will be able to confidently monitor and alter your dosage levels.

Additionally, evidence is mounting that pets may benefit from CBD as well. And while we cannot directly push for you to provide CBD to your pets (you know your pets better than us after all,) we are intrigued by these possibilities and would encourage you to explore these expanding options yourself. However, with small animals, we would again stress the importance of dosage.

Full Spectrum or Isolate?
When making your CBD purchase, you will often encounter the option of ‘full spectrum’ or ‘isolate’ in your product. While both choices are great (depending on the efficacy of the brand you are exploring,) full spectrum CBD provides a broad range of additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. In short, we are fans of full spectrum, but isolate products will also provide great results.

Do Your Research and Ask Us Anytime!
CBD is a young market, still undergoing further exploration and study. There’s a lot that the average consumer doesn’t know. However, much like any product, the quality and consistency varies greatly. We fully advocate educated decisions when making your purchase, looking up the company’s history, culture, and ingredients.

At Formula787, we are proud of the all-natural ingredients in our products. Sure, we have an advantage as we are based in the fertile, organic soil of Puerto Rico, but it’s an advantage we gladly pass along to our customers. Having been grown and cultivated in the perfect climate through proper, natural ingredients and techniques, Formula787 products are the highest level of quality in the CBD market.

We are happy to provide more information to you and answer any questions you may have regardless of whether you purchase with us or not.