Forget the old stereotype of the half-witted foggy cannabis user. New studies everyday are proving quite the opposite, as CBD in particular is continually shown to assist with brain function, emotional stability, and so much more.

The latest study comes from University College London, which shows increased cerebral blood flow to the regions of the brain that deal with memory processing, focus, and reasoning. Prior research has suggested increased hippocampal blood flow greatly improves how the brain operates on those fronts, and if true, an increase in blood flow to that region by CBD could prove to be a new important discovery.

The study took place using fifteen healthy subjects, some with placebos and others having taken a 600mg capsule of CBD. Brain scans were performed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a technique called arterial spin labelling. The results of these scans showed hippocampal blood flow in the CBD users, specifically in that region alone and not elsewhere in the vicinity. The study did note some additional blood flow activity in the region associated with decision making, the orbitofrontal cortex.

Follow-up studies are being done to determine the effectiveness of CBD regarding memory and more in-practice, and not simply through theoreticals due to scans and blood flow analysis. However, studies like the one from University College London are encouraging and contribute to growing evidence around the world with regards to the power of CBD.

Beyond studies (important as they are,) there are also growing numbers of testimonials by CBD users who advocate for the obvious tangible effects of CBD in their daily lives. From increased focus to calmer emotional states to an overall greater clarity of mind, so many powerful and positive results of CBD are continually being revealed. Science is merely confirming what so many people already knew to be true.

CBD works, and is an important addition to one’s health and well being. Tinctures, capsules, and gummies are a great way to get that intake each day. Flowers are also an especially effective method. Most importantly, consider the quality of the brand and product.

At Formula 787, we utilize all-natural ingredients, grown with care, love, and respect for our bodies and nature. We encourage you to browse our selection and choose the type of CBD product that suits you best. And of course we are here to answer any questions you might have.