In the world of CBD, we often hear about isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum products. And yet how many truly understand what these distinctions actually mean? We at Formula 787 are happy to provide a little more information on these terms, and help you to choose which is best for you.

It’s All About Strains

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. During this extraction, cannabinoids are stripped from the cannabis plant, along with terpense, flavonoids, and other interesting scientific bits and pieces of the plant (called phytochemicals.) During this process, it is the strain of cannabis that determines the profile of the CBD that is extracted.

For example, THC content (the part of the cannabis that gives one that feeling of being high) can vary tremendously depending on the strain. Some derivations have little to no THC, whereas others can contain substantially more. This is just one part of a cannabis extraction that can be found in certain strains, but there are many other phytochemicals that play a role in the type of CBD one receives, and determines which type of CBD one prefers.

Full Spectrum

The name tells the story, but full spectrum CBD includes all phytochemicals, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils.

The benefits of full spectrum lie in what is called the entourage effect, which is the simple idea that all of these phytochemicals work together to enhance one’s overall experience with CBD. Basically, each phytochemical complements the effects of the others, while also negating the adverse side effects. The result is a more relaxing and therapeutic form of CBD for many people.


Broad Spectrum

Similar to full spectrum, broad spectrum also includes all phytochemicals of the cannabis strain, apart from the inclusion of THC. This is ideal for people who do not want any THC for whatever reason that may be.

With broad spectrum, the entourage effect still takes place. The resulting sensation is still quite therapeutic, and simply lacks the THC component.



This is CBD in its purest form. All other ingredients are removed, resulting in a CBD that is 99% pure. For anyone seeking the highest concentration of CBD, isolate is the right choice.

However, it should be noted that due to the removal of other phytochemicals, CBD isolate does not receive the entourage effect like broad and full spectrums.


Which to choose?

It’s all about preference. For a more therapeutic experience, one should look for the entourage effect produced from full and broad spectrum products. To avoid THC, stick with broad spectrum, and to enjoy pure CBD, go with isolate.

Whichever is desired, Formula 787 has excellent all-natural options to choose from. We pride ourselves on providing the very highest standard in CBD, growing and harvesting from the prized farmland of Puerto Rico under the strictest of standards. From tinctures to pain creams, gummies, and much more, we’ve got you covered.