It is used for making a wide variety of the CBD products out there today. When it comes to Full Spectrum Distillate, you always want to check out the CBD potency, as well as the cannabinoid minors. Take a peak below at a few examples we have in stock today.

High Minor Full Spectrum Distillate
The image below is one of our most popular Full Spectrum Distillates. Our customers love it for the high potency CBD, as well as larger than normal percentages of other cannabinoid minors.

  • 85.1% CBD
  • 2.85% THC
  • 2.35% CBC
  • 1.58% CBG
  • 1.55% CBCV

Full Spectrum Distillate
Here is another Full Spectrum option that our customers love! This FSO very popular for the high minors, as well as the price point.

82.88% CBD
2.74% CBC
2.47% THC
1.25% CBG
.52% CBDV


Standard Full Spectrum Distillate

Depending on the specific products you want to create, you may need a distillate with a little lower CBD potency. This distillate is a popular one for having such high CBG content as well.

  • 71.78% CBD
  • 4.18% CBG
  • 3.57% THC
  • .74% CBC
  • .25% CBDV