Despite its ideal growing conditions and favorable marketplace, South America is still embracing the potential and benefits of CBD and cannabis-based products. Many countries have exercised stricter levels of caution about CBD, taking a much longer time to loosen restrictions and allow CBD products to be sold in their entirety. Much of this is due to perception, a lack of understanding with regards to CBD, its benefits, and its differentiation from marijuana and other cannabis-derived products with higher THC levels.

However, one country that has opened up its marketplace to the CBD industry is Colombia. Over the counter purchases of CBD products are completely legal in this South American nation, with the industry booming on both the consumer and producer side.

Bogota, the Colombian capital city, has a large market for CBD, with popularity in districts such as Chapinero, La Macarena, and La Candeleria. With their Andean roots, the people of Bogota have a strong regard for naturally derived treatments and botanical medicinal products. From El Norte to El Sur, many Bogota residents are enjoying the benefits of CBD, CBG, and the many forms of cannabinninoid.

Other Colombian cities are also seeing a large boom in CBD sales, from tinctures to oils, gummies to creams, flowers, and more. The populous city of Medellin, for example, with a strong artistic and cultural scene, has seen sales of CBD products skyrocket in recent months, as have coastal areas such as Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena, and elsewhere.

Despite a conservative government in Colombia, which has cracked down on drug usage in the country both in usage and production, CBD has been accepted as a natural benefit and has largely been destigmatized with any sort of drug affiliation.

Many experts in the industry forecast increased demand for CBD within Colombia in the years to come. This South American nation has come to appreciate the benefits to one’s daily life with regards to focus, clarity, calmness of mind, enjoyable sleep, and much more. At Formula 787, we are proud to offer our premium line of CBD products, from flowers to tinctures to gummies and more. We are currently shipping to Colombia, and look forward to being a part of the thriving CBD industry within the country.