Pain treatment is a huge industry. With injury being an unavoidable part of life, so many people are shopping the aisles of pharmacies and big box stores for ointments, pills, and many other medical solutions for their aches and pains.

Topicals are a huge part of this industry, as they are often safe, easy to find, and even easier to apply. From Icy Hot to Bengay and more, there are a vast number of ways to cool, heat up, tingle, and numb the sore spots. But the question remains, which is best? A new product may top them all.

CBD pain creams are having an enormous presence in the pain management business, with an explosion in popularity due to promising clinical trials and fantastic patient feedback. The trend is continuing to show that CBD as a topical cream offers soothing, anti-inflammatory effects on even the most painful injuries.

The first way it accomplishes this is through pain management. As a cannabinoid, CBD works to promote endocannabinoid levels in our body, which are responsible for much of the pain relief and post-workout excitement we all feel on a given day.

The second way CBD promotes pain relief is by lowering inflammation to the injured area. Our bodies naturally utilize inflammation among other things to help the healing process. However CBD allows the body to lower uncomfortable inflammation while simultaneously promoting the natural healing strategies that our body employs constantly.

This 1-2 punch has turned out to yield fantastic results with patients around the country, leading to explosive growth to the industry. However like anything else, there are varying levels in quality. Therefore we strongly suggest exploring only products that are all-natural, come from the right parts of the world, and promote quality over quantity.

2,400mg CBD Pain Cream Extra Strength

2,400mg CBD Pain Cream Extra Strength

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