Never before have we thought about our health as we are right now. A global pandemic has spread to every corner of the earth, with no real escape from its effects. People are faced with very few options in handling this crisis.

The obvious step in our response to COVID-19 is avoidance. Washing our hands, keeping social distance, etc. We know the routine. We also know that people with pre-existing conditions or those who are much older are at a much greater risk than most. These are facts we deal with.

But there is more to our current health crisis. There are shades of gray that we all wrestle with everyday. Some people are older, some younger, some with better immune systems and a less complicated health history. These may not qualify as ‘pre-existing conditions’ in an official sense, but the strength of our health varies greatly from person to person. How old is too old? What if I’m young but my immune system is weaker than some? We all have questions and there are certainly some things that are out of our control.

So here’s what we can control.

We can all live as healthy a life as possible. We can control our weight to some extent, exercise regularly, and eat right. We can avoid over-processed foods. We can avoid a sedentary lifestyle. And we can make inroads towards managing our stress.

CBD can be an excellent step in these directions. Many respected studies are finding beneficial effects of CBD to our health and well being. These benefits can build a more stable immune system, helping our bodies ward off illness and fight it with greater effectiveness when we do get sick. And while we would not claim CBD to prevent Coronavirus, we do believe a stronger foundation of health enables us to battle any illness that comes our way.

Here are a few of the ways that CBD helps our bodies:

Suppressing Auto-Immune Diseases

Auto-immune diseases, such as Parkinsons, arthritis, lupus and others create a hyper-immunity in our bodies inflicting damage in a variety of ways. Through immunity suppression, CBD helps stabilize those illnesses, slow their effect, and in-turn provide pain relief and greater mobility. Clinical trials have thus far been promising.

Lowering Inflammation

Inflammation has its place in our body’s health, bringing about the isolating of illness and encouraging repair. However, inflammation can also be a damaging thing to our body when it loses control. A variety of illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes,and fibromyalgia, can cause unwanted inflammation in our body. Using CBD can ward off much of this inflammation, getting our body under control and relieving unnecessary pain.

Stress and Anxiety

The effects of stress in our lives has become a well-acknowledged issue in the medical community. We’ve all heard the results. The more stressed you are, the more your body is open to illness. Additionally, this is compounded further when the stress of your life prevents you from sleeping as much as you should. CBD is proven to relax our bodies, encourage longer, better sleep schedules, and provide a greater feeling of focus and calm in our lives.

More to Come

CBD is in its infancy in many ways, as we are just scratching the surface with regards to its many benefits. And while nothing can replace a proper lifestyle focused on exercise and a healthy diet, the inclusion of CBD into a person’s routine has a great deal of promise. In the end, our goal should be safety, social distancing, and a strong foundation to handle the things we cannot see with our eyes.

A strong, stable body is our greatest gift, and CBD helps to promote that.